About Filgit

Welcome to FilGit.com, your ultimate source for figures, stats and data that matter to everyday Filipinos. FilGit, derived from a blend of 'Filipino' and 'Digits', indicates our focus on delivering vital numeric information to our audience. This reflects our commitment to providing Filipinos with the information and insights they need to make informed decisions about their finances, opportunities, and overall quality of life

Alongside up-to-date information on stock market data, economic figures, personal finance, and business updates, Filgit.com offers tools and calculators designed to empower your financial decision-making. These resources, including calculators for inflation, car and housing loans, income tax, and SSS contributions, simplify complex calculations, making it easier to manage and maximize your finances.

Filgit.com aims to make economic and financial data accessible to everyone, from individuals interested in personal finance to professionals monitoring economic trends in the Philippines